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The bathroom holds a plethora of plastics! From haircare, skincare, and bodycare, it seems never ending. When I began my switch to waste free products, I could not believe the difference and ease it brought to my life. I don’t know about you, but I know my husband and I will forget to throw away empty products and our bathroom will just have empty bottles sitting waiting to be recycled. This took away the whole problem! There was no leftover trash to throw away. When a product was finished, there was nothing left. Amazing.

Here are some of my favorite products that have kept my skin in the condition I like without any plastic!

Ethique again! I just love their sampler sets. It makes it so easy to find products that work for you without the commitment. This kit contains a solid deodorant, body wash, exfoliant and lotion! It really gives you the gamut. Ethique isn’t for everyone as a lot of their products contain coconut oil which can be an irritant for some, but if coconut oil is not an issue for you, I highly suggest this sampler to help you try solid products.

I have loved switching to solid body exfoliants such as the one featured in the Ethique sampler, because they are amazing and close to no mess. The same cannot be said for loose body scrubs. However, a great option to invest in besides a scrub is a dry brush! It has the exfoliating properties that helps keep skin smooth, without the need of repurchasing regularly, which means less shipping waste, thus more waste free!

Mesh shower poufs are just balls of plastic that fall apart and have to be replaced regularly. Horrible for the environment, but when switching to solid soaps and body washes, you will miss out on getting a good scrub if you don’t have a sponge.

These massaging bags are the perfect replacement. Just drop a bar of soap in and it works just as great as a shower sponge.

Alright, the scariest switch for last. I have used disposable razors since I was in middle school, and for some reason this was one of the last switches I made, because I was petrified of the learning curve. I wasn’t all that great at shaving with the disposable razors and the built in shaving cream pads. I nicked my legs constantly. I can’t say there isn’t a learning curve. I’m not going to say it was easy, but I did get the hang of it after awhile. It just takes time and slowing down a bit when shaving.

Especially without the ease of a disposable razor, I recommend using a shaving cream for the first few times. There are a few low waste options that I have found, but not a ton. You can also probably cross utilize a conditioner bar or a lotion bar!

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