Good Conscious Coffee

My coffee routine every morning is just as important as my skincare routine. I’m all about a morning ritual. I think it just really sets the tone for the whole day, and so as I have explored making sustainable changes to my beauty based routines, I, of course, wondered about all the waste accumulating by my morning coffee. 

I think evaluating your routines is a great place to start when analyzing how to reduce waste, because that’s a great way to see quick results, thus incentivizing maintaining the change. 

So first and foremost, the majority of coffee comes in plastic containers or coated bags, which can be recycled (typically), but it’s better to just avoid plastic as much as possible. I recommend purchasing beans in bulk at a local co-op and bringing your own jar to fill. However, living rural myself, I know that’s not an easy option for everyone to access. You can find whole beans, or ground coffee in bulk online in recyclable or compostable packaging as well. 

Now when it comes to tools for coffee and the actual brewing of coffee, I’m a huge fan of a French press, no disposable filters that come wrapped in plastic.

Also, French press coffee does taste absolutely amazing and they’re quick and easy to use.

I recommend getting an insulated one, so your coffee doesn’t get cold before your second cup.


Checkout this French Press by Mueller Austria: https://amzn.to/3lvnVpQ

A great companion for a French press is an electric kettle. I cannot describe how much I love my electric kettle. I had been using a standard stovetop kettle for a long time, but as an early riser, I would always be rushing back to the stove to prevent the whistle from waking my husband. I also found my stovetop kettle to be a pain to keep clean. The electric kettle heats up so quickly and is almost completely silent.



There are many topics surrounding less waste and coffee consumption! The more you learn, the easier it is to figure out the method that fits you best. Regardless of trial and error, at least you get yet another cup of joe!

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