Goodbye Cluttered Shower!


When transitioning to a more sustainable life, understanding recycling and most importantly, your local recycling operations, is key! However, products that have zero packaging get rid of all that extra work! The only work left is research, and I’ve done that for you!

As I have mentioned, I think starting small is key to success. Once you start seeing a difference with these small changes, you won’t be able to help yourself!

Solid haircare is a great place to start! Not only does this reduce clutter in your bathroom space, but it reduces waste in the world. 

Solid Hair Care

Finding the perfect bars for you can be tough, but there are a lot of options. I firstly suggest, checking out local health food stores to see if they are available in your area to reduce any plastic waste induced by shipping. 

Here are some of my personal favorites:


Hibar Moisture Line



HiBAR sells both shampoo and conditioner bars with multiple lines that serve different hair care needs. Although seemingly more expensive at initial purchase, I found HiBAR’s products last me about 4 months. The HiBAR has a unique shape in comparison to most solid haircare which makes it easier to maintain a grip on during a shower. Their products are suitable for the curly girl method, safe on colored hair and are cruelty free!

Ethique Pinkalicious Shampoo



Alright, I must admit I am a sucker for anything pink, but this shampoo bar is still top notch! The grapefruit vanilla scent is such a nice added touch, but is not overwhelming! The bar is quite a bit larger, so for ease of use, I will typically cut it in half. Ethique also offers sampler kits for their haircare, so you can find the products that work best for you!

Love Beauty & Planet 2-in-1 Bar


Love Beauty & Planet’s 2 in 1 bar is a great affordable option for those dipping their toes into the solid haircare world. The heart shape of this bar makes it easy to grip in the shower, and who doesn’t love a 2 in 1 product? The scent is fresh and a bar will last you a good 3 months with consistent use. 

Tips for using solid haircare:

Make sure to keep your bars dry between showers. If the bars remain wet, it will waste product. Ethique sells great storage containers that have a grated bottom to drain! I know some people that just remove their products from the shower as well. Either way works!


To get the most out of your product and the best results, for shampoo I recommend wetting the bar and lathering the product in your hands. Then applying the lather to your hair instead of applying the bar directly to your head. Although direct application works fine, I do find it ends up with more knots as well as wasting more product.


Don’t get discouraged if one bar doesn’t work for you. No product is one size fits all. It will be trial and error.

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