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Pick Your Battles: Low Waste Deodorant

This is the hardest topic and switch for me when it has come to being more low waste in my daily routines. The thing is, even though a low waste lifestyle is not synonymous with a natural lifestyle, most companies fall into both categories. So if you are wanting to switch to a low waste deodorant, you will more than likely have to switch to a natural deodorant. 

I personally have tried a slew of natural deodorants and have yet to find one that my body reacts positively too. When switching to natural deodorants, many people recommend giving your body a month or two to adjust before making any decisions as it needs time to purge. However I have yet to find a natural deodorant that doesn’t cause painful cysts to occur on my under arm. This typically becomes apparent after a week or so for me, but sometimes longer (with Native it took over a month before I had a cyst).

Most dermatologists say that this is due to baking soda or coconut oil present in natural deodorants, so I recommend keeping an eye on your skin as you test out new deodorants and sometimes you just can’t make it work and that’s okay. 


I have used the Meow Meow Tweet deodorant in Grapefruit, and I really did enjoy it.  It kept my underarms dry for 8+ hours and the scent lingered as well. Again though, with this I did experience cysts, so I discontinued use. However, I think in the realm of low waste deodorant, this one does a great job.


Ahhh, the Native deodorant is probably my favorite of the bunch, but that just might be because they have the yummiest scents of every natural deodorant brand I’ve tried. I mean Coconut & Vanilla? You smell like an amazing beach vacation all day! I had a fabulous first two weeks with this and thought I had found my natural deodorant godsend. It kept me dry, smelled amazing, and the scent was noticeable (which I like!). But just as before, I began to get cysts after 2 weeks.

Also, to note, Native does offer plastic free options in a few select scents and that would be low waste. They have also made a commitment to offer a plastic free option for all of their products by 2023.


I love this option from Fat and The Moon, mostly because they offer a small travel size option. This is great, because when switching to a natural deodorant I highly recommend keeping it on you to refresh throughout the day until your body gets used to it. I also like this one as it is baking soda free, which definitely helped reduce the irritation that I experienced with other natural deodorants. If you are not sensitive to baking soda, they also offer one that has that in the formula. 

Overall, I think there are a lot of great options when it comes to low waste deodorants, but be kind, gentle, and patient with your body. If you experience irritation, discontinue use and speak with your doctor/dermatologist. If you can find a low waste option that works for you, that is amazing, but don’t ruin your skin trying! I am a firm believer in doing your best in whatever journey you decide to take, and if this is the one low waste option you can’t get on board with, well then it’s literally no sweat off your back. 

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