Preparing to Make Sustainable Choices on the go


One of the biggest hurdles that come with a lifestyle change is what to do when you’re busy or on the go. It can be easy to revert back to old habits when your schedule is packed and convenience often trumps the changes you desire to see in your life. Just like in a diet, you might slip and order fast food, it’s easy to utilize single use plastics out of ease. That’s why just like meal prepping makes a diet more successful, it’s important to prepare ahead of time to ensure you are doing all that you can to be as low waste as possible.

As always, no one is perfect. Sometimes you WILL be too busy and forget to prepare, and that’s okay. 

To Go Cups

Disposable cups provided by coffee shops are not recyclable due to the lining on the inside of the cup, so even though they are made primarily of cardboard they ultimately are increasing waste. Keeping a reusable coffee cup in your car or purse is a great alternative that way you are always ready! A lot of coffee shops will offer discounts to customers that bring their own cup, so I highly recommend asking your barista next time you go in for your next cup of joe!


I personally love the Stojo because it is collapsible, which makes it easy to store in a bag. It comes with a straw component, which is awesome if you’re someone worried about coffee stains on your teeth like me. It comes in tons of colors (pink, personally being my fav!) and sizes. 


Takeout food is wasteful in itself. There is no way around that, but sometimes its a necessary evil! Whether it’s been ordered for the office or you just need something quick between errands, to go food is likely to happen. If you have a set of portable flatware, just make sure to let the restaurant know that you would like the plastic ware to not be included.


Although these flatware sets come in a great little portable case and they are a great option as well as a great gift, I do suggest buying yourself a small pencil case and just keeping some of your own flatware on hand, because using what you have will always be the best option!


Reusable Bags

Keeping reusable bags in your car, backpack, and or purse is always a smart option. The more accessible you make sustainability for yourself, the easier it will come! So always having some bags on hand means every store outing, you’ll be ready even if you weren’t expecting to go anywhere.


These awesome bags can fold up, which makes them even easier to keep on hand. 

All of these options are just easy fixes to waste-producing habits that are currently the norm in our world. By making these changes, you will already be making a difference, no matter how small! 

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