Waste Free Lip Care


Ahh, the ever elusive lip balm. I can’t count on one hand how many times I’ve lost a lip balm and have heard the same from others. The thing about losing lip balm though, is that plastic is being randomly discarded/littered somewhere somehow. With that being said, I still understand keeping an eye on all your lip care can be difficult, so I have a few recommendations.

For me, personally, the lip balm I keep in my purse/car/at work is what tends to go missing most often, so for those areas, I think it’s great to have a lip balm in cardboard packaging. That way if it does go missing, it will eventually break down on its own. 



I love this set, because it has a variety of tints. I like keeping a tinted lip balm on hand if I need a bit of extra moisture while still looking pulled together. I typically wear a full face of makeup and find bare lips to be a bit of a stark contrast, so a touch of color is always nice. However, if you just like a clear balm, that is available as a single as well.


This set is a bit more expensive and has no tint, but I do love a scented lip for a nice addition to the experience. These also have cardboard packaging, but it is accompanied by unique scents and a cute little bag that just might help you keep track of these balms!



For lip balm that I keep at home, usually one at my vanity and one by my bedside, I like tin containers, because they can either be recycled or repurposed. If you really struggle with dry lips, I do suggest investing in a lip mask that is more moisturizing to apply in the evening before bed. I have found that to be a great help to the overall appearance of my lips and has reduced dryness.

Another great tool for combating dryness of the lips is to make sure that you are exfoliating. I don’t typically advise anyone to purchase a lip exfoliator as the ones you buy are very easily made with products in your own home. You can just use one of your old lip balm tins or a small glass container and mix oil and sugar. I do recommend an exfoliating tool though to use in addition to the homemade exfoliator. 


These do contain plastic, but should last you a really long time if properly cared for. Since they will be used near the lips its important to make sure these are kept in a clean environment and properly sanitized before use. You can use these separately from the lip scrub or in conjunction for an increased effect. 

Making Your Own Lip Scrub


I prefer using an unrefined sugar in my lip scrub as it maintains its shape and dissolves a bit slower than normal granulated sugar from the store. You can also use coffee grounds, which removes the concern of dissolving. Both work, it really is just a matter of preference.



Alright, so you can use coconut oil. However, kitchen grade coconut oil is known to clog pores. It feels soothing at the time of use, but can cause acne. This is not true for everyone, but I try to avoid it as it is true for my skin. There are plenty of oils you can use, but if you can I do recommend something that is intended for skincare use. Almond oil and Vitamin E oil are both great options. Both of these products have many uses and are awesome to have on hand.

A standard proportion would be 3 teaspoons of oil to 2 teaspoons of exfoliant. However, I suggest doing whatever works best for you and find a consistency that you like to use. I prefer a dryer scrub, but the great thing about a homemade product is you can try making it anyway you want.

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